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Free online language courses

We have posted video content on this site in the past on Windows Home Server that has been available in French or German only. Now that’s fine if you can speak either of these languages, but if like me you can only speak English then I may have some information that may interest you. Mango Languages have launched Mango Beta where language learning courses are free to learn online and two of their courses are French and German. As the name suggests Mango Beta is in beta stage, but I have experienced no problems. So if you fancy learning a new language give then a try. For now au revoir or auf Wiedersehen.

Mango Beta

Internet + WHS + Xbox

Microsoft employee Ian Thomas has details on how he is using the software TVersity to download television from the Internet to his Windows Home Server and then being able to watch it on the TV in his living room on his Xbox, where he can also view Podcasts, RSS feeds and Internet radio stations.

Ian’s site has the details

Can Windows Home Server be run on my SBS Network?

The short answer is yes, there is nothing in the Windows Home Server Licensing terms of use that prohibit WHS from backing up Domain Joined Machines. There is also nothing in the Small Business Server Licensing terms of use that prohibit a Windows Home Server from participating in an SBS Network. Home Server does not join the domain, but can run within the network by simply using “Pass through authentication”.

More Information:

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  1. TheJudge says:

    Nice bits and bobs. I’m testing the TVersity as I type. It’s video format compatibility and the use with Dlink Dsm320, xbox or Wii is the cat’s meow.

    I’ll let you know how this works on WHS. Figured I’d test it on RC1 before my RTM arrives Wednesday and jack a fresh install..LOL. Should be ok.

  2. TheJudge says:

    Ok, I got it to TVersity to work fairly well. You can install the .exe only if it is in the C drive folder under My computer. Had to set it to run as a Service on WHS so it would work when not logged on.
    Also had to config WHS Firewall to allow the program and the port. Got no warnings, but I could not access the program from another PC on the network until I tweaked that.
    The net TV and Video Podcast quality is pretty crappy. I’ll just watch it on my Digital cable…LOL. But my movies streamed to a network PC via a browser are nice..

    Akward to set the folder sharing and there is no way to password the system to keep out the unwanted. You can either open it or close it to the outside world. That’s cool for me. I have no need to watch DVD’s over the net while on the road.

    Overall, it seems nice. It’s compatibility with multiple media boxes and file formats is killer compared to some. I’ll get my hands on a Dlink DSM320 and test out the streaming through some CAT-5 line. It will be nice to watch some Xvid and Divix movies from WHS without burning to a DVD first….
    Stay tuned.

  3. Hi TheJudge,
    Great stuff, we are staying tuned…

  4. JohnBick says:

    The Mango courses are GREAT!!! I am adicted…..

  5. Hi JohnBick,
    I agree the Mango courses are good. Al least that’s one addiction thats not bad for the health.

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