Windows Home Server Online Course Available

If you have some spare dosh at the ready then Microsoft are offering an online self-paced course entitled “Course 7044: Setting Up Windows® Home Server for a Consumer Technology Solution”

Taking approximately 2 hours to complete the objective is that at the end of the course, students will be able to set up Windows Home Server in a connected home.

Microsoft’s description is:

In this online course, you will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively install, configure, and maintain a Windows Home Server in a Microsoft Consumer Technology solution. To begin with, you will learn how to install Windows Home Server on the dedicated home server PC. Next, you will learn how to configure the Windows Home Server PC, including setting up a data backup and restore system and troubleshooting networking issues with the Home Server. You will also learn how to maintain the other networked PCs in the Consumer Technology Solution. This online course will help you prepare for certification exam 70-625. This online course is composed of a rich multimedia experience coupled with comprehensive technical labs. This course will also help you prepare to become a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. To get the most out of this course, it is recommended that you have a broad working knowledge of how PCs interoperate with numerous consumer electronics offerings such as Televisions, Audio Equipment, Portable devices, Peripherals, and Entertainment services found in customers’ homes.

The modules and lessons include an overview, Setting Up Windows Home Server for a Consumer Technology Solution, Installing and Configuring Windows Home Server, Maintaining Networked PCs in a Connected Home with Windows Home Server, a Managing Windows Home Server Lab and a Glossary.

The price is $39.99 (£26.29) and the subscription lasts for 3 years. Hopefully you will complete it long before then?

More details at Microsoft’s E-Learning website.

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  1. Andrew Edney says:

    Can I suggest that instead of paying for the online course that people consider buying the Windows Home Server Users Guide book instead? Its cheaper and has more in it 🙂

    Blatent plug over 🙂


  2. Hi Andrew Edney,

    thanks for the plug comment.

    We will be reviewing the Windows Home Server Users Guide soon and as Andrew says it has more content and it’s cheaper.

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