Windows Home Server listed in USA – $178.99

Online retailer FadFusion.com in the United States have Windows Home Server listed for $178.99. It is not in stock as yet, but this is the first online retailer in the USA to have Home Server pricing.

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  1. TheJudge says:

    Yeah, I’m waiting for Newegg.com to get it. I always purchase from them…. Nice to see the price is on target.

  2. Ive never heard of FadFusion.com, how does some never heard of site get the first price in the US? Seems weird.

  3. binaryzero says:

    my vote, is that they made a guess guess…

  4. napaq says:

    Actually it is on Ebay but Australia

  5. Hi All,

    Yes i’v never heard of FadFusion either. Searching the internet for US retailers listing WHS, they are the only one. We are now in September (2007) and only 1 US retailer listing Home Server!

  6. Fieldhouse says:

    Sigh, I’d be happy with the 120 day downloadable eval version so I can see what bugs were / were not fixed between RC and RTM.

    this sucks.

  7. Hopefully the evaluation copy will be posted soon. We hope.

  8. TheJudge says:

    I feel that FadFusion listed it to boost web site traffic and sales knowing that thousands of us would be Froogleing WHS like mad. I’m sure it’s purely a marketing deal. I’d be surprised if they even get WHS before the big boys. Look at their report on the BBB site.

    Keep your eyes peeled for NewEgg.com ZipZoomFly.com and directron.com ……

  9. Newegg.com should have it soon – The last 2 to 3 weeks seem like a year!

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