Windows Home Server Coffee Anyone?


A table was setup by Microsoft at the “Linux Cafe” coffee shop in Tokyo to promote Windows home Server. Ironically the cafe was setup by a group of people to promote Linux and here we have what appears to be coffee Windows Home Server style.
On closer inspection MARS Magazine said that:

 “Microsoft’s people simply wrapped cans of Boss coffee in their product logo”

    Linux_Cafe windowcoffee

I don’t feel so much of a geek now…one lump or two?

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  1. The S says:

    Looked more like WHS Jolt Cola or something. You can’t have lumps in your can! Or, you could, but that would just be weird…

  2. Hi The S,

    Over here in the UK those tins look like caffeine energy drinks.

  3. TheJudge says:

    I’ll take a cup….er…ah…can. LOL>

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