Microsoft employee store has WHS for $35

If you are a Microsoft employee then we have some good news for you, Windows Home Server is now available from the Microsoft Company Store for $35 (online not sure about physical).

Wow, I want to work for Microsoft… One of the perks for working at Bill Gate’s empireTongue out.

Thanks to Bob for the info.

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  1. Tim Dallmann says:

    I guess this kind of policy confuses me – if you work for microsoft, why should you ever have to pay for a MS product?

  2. Tom says:

    MS Corporate policy states that if you want to use a MS product for personal use, you have to purchase it through the company store.

  3. Hi Tim Dallmann,

    Hopefully Tom’s answered your question for you.

  4. Dick Watson says:

    I see that, and think it’s great, but they have no stock and say it “cannot be backordered.” Has anybody actually gotten a copy this way? I’m thinking about building a machine around one of these licenses but only if I can actually get one this way.

  5. Hi Dick Watson,

    I know of someone who got a copy from the Microsoft Company Store. Hopefully they should have some stock in soon.

  6. John says:

    I am a former Microsoft employee and have access to the company store through the alumni association. I ordered Home Server yesterday and it will be at my door today 🙂

  7. reddragon72 says:

    what is the product#. I tried searching by name, by CCQ-00015 and I come up with nothing.

    I can get Office2003 pro for 60 bucks tho 🙂

  8. Dick Watson says:

    I keep looking and have registered to get an availability notification email but I must be looking at the wrong time and get no email. I’ll keep looking.

    For reddraggon72, this was lifted from the listing page:

    Windows Home Server DVD Price: xxx

    Product# MIC28103700

    Windows Home Server DVD (CCQ-00002) …

  9. reddragon72 says:

    Thanks DW, but my contact at MS fell through, I was going to send him 60 bucks to snag a copy and mail it to me, but he is on vacation in Europe right now, and will be going straight to some conference in Japan right after so I’ll either have to wait for a month and a half or just go buy it somewhere else 🙁

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