Exclusive Deal: Save 20% off PerfectDisk 8 for Windows Home Server

PerfectDisk 8.0 for Windows Home Server  is an automatic defragger for our home server’s which we looked at here.


If you have tried the trial version and like it then we can save you some money. If you use the following coupon code that we have arranged with Raxco you save 20% off PerfectDisk for Windows Home Server as well as all products in the Raxco Software e-commerce store.

The single copy of PerfectDisk 8 for Windows Home Server is priced at $39.99, and also includes a copy of PerfectDisk 8 Professional for one of your client PCs will become $31.99 (£15.94) after the coupon code is applied, which is an $8 (£3.98) discount and the home site license which is available for $99.99, and provides a single license of PerfectDisk 8 for Windows Home Server and up to 5 licenses of PerfectDisk 8 Professional becomes only $79.99 (£39.86) a $20 (£9.96) saving.

Click “Download Now” under the “PerfectDisk 8 for Windows Home Server” heading and enter Coupon Code: MSWHS-BLOG20

This coupon code is valid through to 30 November, 2007.

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  1. CO says:

    It is pitty that Raxco takes 99 EURO instead of 99 USD when accessing their shop from Europe. That adds about 40% on the price…

  2. Hi C0,

    Yes, I just noticed that, but you can always pay in US Dollar or British Pound. Not as convenient I know, but it works.

  3. CO says:

    Thanks! USD actually works best for me since I’m not in a country that uses euro. Shame on me that I didn’t notice the possibillity to choose currency. I’m much more happy now.

    By the way, I like the home site licensing model. It is still quite unusual but I think it is benefitial both for the software vendor and for me as buyer. I suppose (hope) that at least one of the antivirus-companies will choose this model to.

  4. Hi C0,

    Glad we could help you. A agree the licensing model is good, hopefully the likes of Avast! AntiVirus and F-Secure follow the example of Raxco PerfectDisk.

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