Do Beta Testers get a copy of the released version of WHS?

There has been talk over on the Windows Home Server forums about if beta testers would get a free copy of Home Server. As Ken Warren a daily poster in the forums stated:

The WHS team never said that beta testers would get a free copy, although they did say that they would do “something nice” for the testers. I personally think they delivered this by giving us first shot at the homeserver.com dynamic DNS server. Testers who were in the program before August 3rd (2007) were able to get first crack at names in that space, which means that we got (pretty much) the names we wanted.

So no free copy, but we didn’t expect that anyway (did we?). Personally I would just like to be considered in the beta program for Version 2 of Windows Home Server when it is available to beta testers in 2008/09.

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