Add-In WHS Download Manager Now Available!

We reported earlier this week that add-in WHS Download Manager would be available for download by next weekend after being only available as an internal beta. Earlier than promised beta version 1.4 is now available for general release as an open beta for everyone.


The ultimate download manager for your home network, centrally installed on your Home Server.

The file can be downloaded from the Homeserver blog in Germany and don’t worry if German is not your native tongue, just scroll down to the English language version.

INSTALLATION NOTE: When first installed the add-in may crash the console when clicking the “Download Manager” tab. To avoid this make sure you restart your WHS via the console using Settings, Shut Down (bottom left) and Restart.

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  1. pierre says:

    I’ve downloaded the “download manager” but in the add in tabpage the versie is not 1.4 beta but 1.0.9.

    when I’ve installed this verison and clik on the icon. The screen turns on blue and after a few moments i don’t have connection to the home server.

    Can anybody tell me what can cause this problem or does any one a newer version of this tool.

    Regards pierre

  2. Hi pierre,

    The latest version as far as I can tell is the version 1.0.9 that you have downloaded which is the final release version as the beta is now old and finished.

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