Add-In: Recorded TV Manager for Windows Home Server

Add-In “Recorded TV Manager for WHS” is based on Recorded TV Manager 2. A stand-alone application designed to help manage your collection of television programs recorded from Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition and Microsoft Windows Vista (dvr-ms files).

This add-in is a different incarnation of that software which has been adapted to the WHS platform. It uses a Windows service application on the Home Server to monitor Media Center recorded TV folders and automatically move or copy content throughout your home server network.

The Beta is not yet officially released since some kinks are still being ironed out, but if you would like to try it out you can download the pre-Beta release and follow the directions on this page for installing it on WHS.

Developer Frederick J Drasch also has a video which he used for the Code2Fame Challenge which explains more about his add-in Recorded TV Manager for Windows Home Server.

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