Add-In: Jungle Disk Online Backup – Powered by Amazon S3

Jungle Disk for Windows Home Server allows you to back up your files stored on your Windows Home Server off-site using the Amazon S3 Storage service from Amazon.com. Your data is backed up to multiple Amazon.com data centers around the country. With Amazon S3 there is no minimum and no maximum amount of data you can store. You pay only for the actual amount of storage you are using, which costs $0.15 per gigabyte per month of storage used, and $0.10/0.18 per gigabyte of data uploaded/downloaded.

You can install Jungle Disk as an “add-in” for the Windows Home Server Console where you can configure online backup with just a few clicks. Once configured, Jungle Disk runs in the background keeping your data protected at all times against loss from fire, flood, theft, or catastrophic machine failures. Jungle Disk protects your shared folders and allows you to keep your most important, irreplaceable files backed up online.

Jungledisk1     Jungledisk2

The software include features such as multi-version historical backups, byte-level delta updates, and easy file restoration. In addition to automatic backup, the PC version of the software offers the ability to access your online storage as a mapped drive directly from your desktop to see what you have backed up to S3.

Protection mechanisms include:

  • Your data is fully encrypted prior to leaving your Home Server machine using AES-256
  • Checksums of your data are verified during the upload process to eliminate the chance of corruption
  • Amazon stores your data on multiple servers across the country to protect against data loss
  • Multiple file versions are stored, allowing you to restore older copies in case of local corruption

The add-in is currently in private internal testing and will be available shortly at a price to be announced, but it should be less than $20.

More information about Jungle Disk for WHS and pricing are available.

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