Add-In HomeBase now works with SmartPhone's

We discussed HomeBase here but unfortunately it did not work with phones like the T-Mobile DASH, or some Palm Treo devices using the MSI file that was packaged with the installer. Essentially, any device not running Professional or a Touch Screen edition (or a full Windows Mobile/CE version) would have had issues, but developer Aleksei the Programmer has come to the rescue, and has made available a version for SmartPhone (Standard) SKU’s of Windows Mobile which he has made available here.

For anyone running a regular version of Windows Mobile (like what is found on most touch screen HTC devices (like the T-Mobile MDA or T-Mobile Wing or  Sprint PPC-6800 ) can use the Mobile Client from the MSI as indicated in the video.  He will be creating a small FAQ site for his Add-In and re-packaging the MSI with this new “Smart Phone” client for the next release.

UPDATE: Aleksei has created a FAQ site and installer guide for HomeBase.

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  1. TheJudge says:

    Nice add in for the mobile crowd. I used the add in for my new Sprint PPC-6800 (HTC Mogul) and it works great! Nice access to all my WHS files in a mobile friendly format. And it’s fast too. Bit tricky, for me, to figure out the set up steps because it’s a two tier deal…but very do-able. I recommend it!

    The SQL Server/ Blog portion lagged my slow server waaaay down. Had to eventually turn SQL Sever off. But I’m not too interested in a blog on my WHS…. 😉 SQL may be nice on a newer faster box than mine.

    Nice work, Aleksei!

  2. Hi TheJudge,

    Yes SQL server can be a resourse hog on a slower machine. The install process was a bit tricky for me also but the developer has now added a install guide and FAQ on his site. (See Update on post above).

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