Windows Home Server won’t launch on August 27

A Microsoft spokeswoman has denied that the previous announced August 27th date constituted a product launch. “The only thing that is available on August 27 is tech support for system builders,” she said. It looks like apart from the lucky few who can already can get their hands on a copy in Australia and New Zealand the rest of us will still have to wait a few weeks. Here in the UK the product has been delayed from 22nd August to the 7th September due to “printing issues”. Still no news about America…September…October…!

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  1. James says:

    Got it already. Love Australia.

  2. Melville Carrie says:

    Hi Philip

    Do you happen to know by what name WHS is posted on MSDN as?

    Is it by any chance: Windows Media Services 2008 – June 2007 CTP?

    Only I would like to download it and try it via my MSDN subscription…

    Presumably it is a cut down version of Longhorn Server running a MCE-style interface and will detect the h/w and have all the necessary device drivers for a modern m/b etc.?

    Looking forward to your response.

    Kind regards

    Melville Carrie

  3. WHS wont be on MSDN tell v2.

  4. Hi James glad you got a copy. Wish I had one.

  5. Hi Melville Carrie,

    WHS Version 1 will not be available on MSDN or Microsoft’s other subscription services (Technet, Action Pack).

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