UPDATE Windows Home Server Availability

We have the latest information for you about the availability of WHS.

  • New Zealand – Today (16 August 2007)
  • Australia – 18 August 2007
  • UK –  22 August 2007

My estimate of 15-21 August 2007 for the first release of Home Server was correct with those of you lucky enough to live in New Zealand getting their hands on a shiny copy today. As posted in the Microsoft WHS Forums, Wayne Delany had this to say:

“OK just collected it direct from the Suppliers :  Here’s what’s in the Package.

  • Home Server DVD Product code etc
  • Recovery CD
  • Connector software CD
  • OEM Preinstallation Kit CD
  • Mountain of instructions – Booklet as per the download product information/instructions etc, Licence terms, as well as additional instructions for setting up / problems eg: storage Drivers adding drivers etc.”

America, Germany, France and Spain have no confirmation dates as yet. We shall have to wait for more details.

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  1. hoberion says:

    No word on the Netherlands.

    emailed to a few software providers.. nothing 🙁

  2. No news on the Netherlands as yet im afraid.

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