More Pricing Details Emerge

More pricing details are emerging for Windows Home Server. In New Zealand Aquila Technology have it priced at $253 excl GST whilst Ascent Technology’s price includes GST at $298.74. Over here in the UK ebuyer’s price is £88.74 inc VAT which is a lot better than our original estimate. Germany has pricing for the English version between €130€148 (Euro) from eight different suppliers and Eyo Drop Shipping in Australia are charging $229.96 inc GST. For those of you in America, and the rest of the world we are still waiting for pricing conformation.

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  1. Tom M says:

    eBuyers price is £89.23 this morning. Will probably change again before release!

  2. Crash2975 says:

    eBuyer staff reports:

    “All going well we should see stock of this product towards the end of August 07.” so well behind NZ!

  3. James B says:

    I’ll do you one better, How about fully pricing details of HP’s MediaSmart Windows Home Server?


  4. Thanks for the info James B and Crash2975

  5. Stormy1954 says:

    Bad news for UK buyers. The ebuyer price is now £128.24 inc VAT. The ebuyer quickfind code is: 131540.

    A 50% price hike will no doubt make people sit back and take another look at their desire/need for this product.

    The Bluesolutions.co.uk price has still not been revealed on its website.

  6. Yes, ebuyer seems to be the most expensive of the UK resellers.

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