Diskeeper 2008 for Windows Home server

Our friends at Diskeeper have given us some more info on their defragger specifically for Windows Home Server. Available in the 4th quarter on this year Diskeeper 2008 Home Server edition will be the first dedicated defrag tool for our Home Server’s. I have been using a pre-release version for the last few weeks and it has been excellent. The latest internal update has the console snap-in feature fully integrated into Windows Home Server (as below).

DK Home Server

We shall be getting a copy in late September and will be sure to give it a thorough testing for you here @ mswhs.com.

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  1. J. Russell says:

    This is a welcome addition to WHS. I use Diskeeper 2007 pro on my main desktop and it does a great job keeping fragmentation low with it’s automatic defrag. I hope the 2008 version is as good, if not better. Looking forward to it!

  2. Michiel says:

    I have a couple of questions:

    What does this more than WHS itself while it is “balancing storage”? Is it saving storage space? Is it boosting the speed? I am not convinced that it saves you time, money or speed things up. (Will it speed up backup recovery?)I’m waiting till you test it and compare WHS with this defrag tool and without. How do you plan to test thisn anyway?

  3. Thanks for your comments J. Russell and Michiel. It defiantly speeds up the Home Server. As with any PC after a certain amount of time it will defragment but due to the way WHS stores data a dedicated defrag tool has to be used. When released I plan to test it by imaging the server on two machines and defraging one and not the other and posting the results.

  4. lee says:

    its only listing the first disk there tho unless there is more then one disk in there winder if it can defrag name less disks?

  5. Sorry lee didn’t understand your question?

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