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  • Our Knowledge Base has been updated with article 940884 “Renamed files may not immediately appear in the Remote Access search results on the Windows Homer Server Remote Access Web site”.
  • The ars tecnica article “Windows Home Server released into the wild” has details on the availability of WHS and why there is no launch date.
  • For those DIY builders of Home Servers out there Toms Hardware has an article on Cheap And Efficient Dual Core Processors for your WHS.
  • An old article which I came across the other day on the WHS forum’s is PC Backup: The backup system seems like magic. How does it work? which explains how the backup system works on Windows Home Server. Well worth a read.
  • Who needs Windows Home Server with Linux around? That’s the title of an article by Steven J. Vaughan Nichols at Linux Watch.

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  1. Read the “Who needs Windows Home Server with Linux around?” article by Steven J. Vaughan Nichols.

    Except for file sharing, he misses the point completely.

    Go look at the answers at


    Third and fourth answerers hits the spot right on.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the OEM release!

  2. Hi Christian Johansson,

    Totally agree, he misses it by a mile.

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