Add-In – SageTV 6.26 RC – Stream Digital Media from WHS

Digital entertainment software for your Windows Home Server – enjoy TV/PVR, Online Video, Music and Photos on any TV, PC or Mac screen at home or away from home with SageTV Placeshifter.


SageTV Media Server software available for Windows Home Server Platform offering digital entertainment at home and away from home.

SageTV is designed to be your “always on” digital entertainment hub that’s accessible at home or over a broadband connection. Put any Video, Music or Photos onto your SageTV Media Server and enjoy them on any TV, PC or Mac screen.

  • Enjoy all your TV, Video, Music or Photos anytime, anywhere using SageTV Placeshifter to connect to your Windows Home Server from any broadband connection
  • Connect your TVs at home to SageTV on Windows Home Server with SageTV Media Extender
  • Handles nearly every Video, Music and Photo format
  • Works with Cable, Satellite and Broadcast TV around the world including NTSC, ATSC, PAL and DVB

Once you install the add-in you must also download and install the SageTV Placeshifter on your home PCs that you wish to view the content on. Which can be either a Windows, Macintosh or Linux PC.

Although SageTV 6.26 Release Candidate is still beta software, I have found it to be no problem. The Random Musings blog has details of his configuration.

Downloads and more information.

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  1. Jim W says:

    Phillip, how does this work? Do you put a TV tuner in your WHS? The documentation isn’t very clear.

  2. Hi Jim W,

    You don’t need to put a TV tuner into your WHS if you don’t want to. You can still use the other media functions.

  3. I have read several things regarding SageTV, yet I still do not understand it. Does the add in allow me to install a tuner in my home server and allow it to record TV from it? If it does, that is what I am looking for. This would eliminate the need of an extra machine on my network that is only recording TV. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Raymond Rooks says:

    I run SageTV at home, under Windows XP. The setup is the following:

    2 Hauppauge 150 TV Tuners connected to cable TV (I could have used a dual tuner card instead)

    SageTV Service

    3 Computers running SageTV Client Software

    3 Televisions connected to Hauppauge MediaMVP (serves as a Media Center extender and has a RJ-45 network jack and composite TV connections

    I can watch TV on any of the above devices. I also have 1 placeshifter license on a laptop. That allows me to view TV and recordings when I am on the road, like the Slingbox.

    So, the answer to your question is that likely you would put the TV cards in the Home Server. You can watch/record as many channels simultaneously as you have TV tuners.

  5. Thanks for your comments Ryan Weathers and Raymond Rooks. More information is available at http://forums.sagetv.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26939

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