Add-In AutoExit 2008 RC Available

Add-in AutoExit 2008 has been updated to Release Candidate status. The add-in enables you to manage your home computers via the Windows Home Server console.Shut down/reboot clients, boot them up via Wake On Lan remotely and even send messages and all actions can be saved to a log.


More information on AutoExit 2008.

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  1. TheFullmoon says:

    Love the WHS but I do not have a add-in icon or addin options installed WHS 6.0.1301.0 any ideas?


  2. Hi TheFullmoon,

    Have you installled it via the console, setting, Add-ins tab only and NOT by double clicking on the msi file?

  3. TheFullmoon says:

    This is the problem! I do not have a Add-in TAB option, here is a link to a screen capture of by console I am connected to the WHS via another pc in the console, or via the console direct on the server, there is NO Add-in option! Has me! any other ideas would be a great help, I see the add-in’s as the thing that brings the WHS alive. If i coould just get it working


  4. Oh my,

    This is a new one to me. What I would do is reinstall WHS software from the dvd on the server doing a reinstall/repair installation and then re-install the console on the client PCs.

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