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Well our Poll has finished for Will you buying a ready made WHS (HP etc) or buying just the software? We had a total of 199 votes (WOW!). 172 of you said that you would be buying the software only and the other 27 of you said that you would buy a ready made unit. So from this result we can see that over three quarters of you will be going the DIY route and building your own Windows Home Server. Well done those of you that voted.

We have another one for you now. What we want to know is What will be the main purpose of your WHS? We have the two main options available for you Computer Backups and Server Storage. You will find the Poll half way down in the left pane, so get clicking!

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  1. Lars says:

    Mhh, that is my expected result.

    Most guys searching for infos for the whs right now are some kind of techies. Because of that most of them will build their own system.

    I am a techie too but voted against DIY.

    We had the same ( your new ) poll during the last month. Lets see what your guests think…

  2. Thanks Lars,

    Totally agree – I do love these polls.

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