New Anti Virus for WHS from Avast

Terry Walsh from We Got Served has posted details regarding a WHS anti virus product from Avast. It will cost $39.96 – $50 which is a lot cheaper than their server offering and will be available later this year.

P.S. Welcome home Terry from the States!

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  1. Luke Ribich says:

    I have been testing WHS and have been really pleased with the product thus far. In fact, I am trying not to get to comfortable with the OS as I will have to upgrade it to the OEM version when the Beta self distructs. But one thing I want to do is find a good reliable AV & AntiSpy package. To that end, has anyone even tried to use an AV/AS package from their ISP like the CA package offered by AT&T? I used to use that on my SBS2003 server until I started using the exchange part of the serv er and had to get something more robust. If anyone is using something like this I’d love to know if it is working.

  2. Thanks for your comment Luke Ribich. Anyone?

  3. HES says:

    Installed Avast for WHS, demo version. Now none of the Internet Explorers on my PCs can access any web sites unless I shut down the WHS! The connection is good without the IE7 (my chessclub.com works fine with the WHS running).

    Tried to uninstall Avast. Does not work from the Console or the Control Panel. Says “Fatal error at installation”.

    If you know a solution to this problem please let me know.

  4. Hi HES,

    Try re-installing on top of the installed version as it sounds like the installation files could be corrupted. Try re-downloading a copy again also.

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