Microsoft WHS Forums: Issues and Workarounds

The Microsoft Windows Home Server forums that we visit so often, will soon be upgraded to fix two main issues that many users are encountering, Alerts sign-up page not found and problems signing in. This should happen within the next few weeks, so in the meantime here are some instructions to help you work around them:

Alerts sign-up page not found

Issue: When a user posts with the Alert Me checkbox checked (which is checked by default), they are redirected to the Alerts sign-up page which displays a browser 404 error.

Workaround: Uncheck the Alert Me checkbox before posting. If you still wish to receive Alerts on the thread, try using the Alert Me button at the top of the thread instead.

Problems signing in to Forums

Issue: User clicks Sign In and is redirected to persona.aspx which displays a browser 404 error.

Workaround: There are a couple workarounds to this, we can:

Hit your browser’s Back button until you are on the Forums page where you started the sign in process.

Click the Refresh button

You should now see the Welcome message indicating that you are signed in


Delete your cache and cookies

Close/open your browser

Sign-in to Forums as normal. Note that this also should clear any sign-out problems.

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  1. Jon says:

    I just wish the page, and last post links would work!

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