Is there a Problem with your Security Certificate?

If you are using a computer without the connector (console) software on it (e.g. at work trying to access your home server) and you try to connect to the web interface of WHS then the following error appears:


Home PCs with the connector/console software installed have the server’s certificate automatically installed during connector setup. Computers without the software installed don’t have this certificate and so the error message.

To stop this error appearing; when accessing the web interface we need to export the certificate from a PC with the connector/console software on it and then import it into the PC without the software on it.


  1. So on the PC with the connector/console software on it open your web browser and type in your https://xxxx.livenode.com address
  2. To the right of the address bar click on the Padlock icon and then View certificates
  3. Click the Certification Path tab
  4. Double click the long GUID number (root certificate)
  5. Click the Details tab
  6. Click the Copy to File… button
  7. Export the certificate somewhere safe using default option


  1. Move the certificate to the machine without the connector/console software
  2. Double click the the .cer file and select Install Certificate… on the General tab
  3. Click Next on the wizard that opens and place a dot in Place all certificates in the following store
  4. Click Browse and select Trusted Root Certification Authorities and click OK
  5. Click Next and then Finish

That’s it. You can now access your web interface on your PC without the connector/console software via your livenode.com dynamic address, your server name e.g. SERVER or localhost without getting the dreaded error html page.

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  1. TheJudge says:

    Well, I got that error even with Console installed on the PC. So I followed your instructions thinking it would fix it….but now I’ve blocked myself from viewing my Livenode address on IE7…LOL. Bad idea, huh? How can we access the certificates and delete them…LOL.

  2. Philip Churchill says:

    Hi TheJudge,

    To edit or delete the certificates you need to add the Certificates snap-in to an MMC for a user account. This is how we go about it:

    Click Start, click Start Search, type mmc, and then press ENTER.

    On the File menu, click Add/Remove Snap-in.

    Under Available snap-ins, double-click Certificates, and then click My user account, and then click Finish.

    If you are logged on as a user, Certificates automatically loads.

    Click OK.

    In the left pane look for the name of your server (SERVER) under the different categories. Mine was found under Trusted Root Certificates and also under Other People.

    You can then right-click on the SERVER name(s) and choose Delete.

  3. TheJudge says:

    Ok, fixed. Tricky how it asks if you want to save it as Console1. You have to say NO. Sorry to bug ya. Should not have tried that in the first place. Thanks.

  4. Colin Walker says:

    Nice tip, but let’s see what the clever workaround is that Charlie Kindel was talking about so that we don’t have to do this.

  5. thank you for the usefull tip.

  6. sayeeda says:

    when i open the page with chroma and mozilla , it displays “server certificate is not valid”.

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