How many hard drives are there in your Home Server?

Tom from Ramblings of a Home Server Tester has posted a server storage screen shot from one of his server PCs


WOW over 6GB of storage space!!!

Now can you do any better…I wonder?

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  1. JohnCz says:

    You mean 6TB of storage. External drives!?! wow, thats alot of power & usb cables. Thats must be a scary looking Home Server.

  2. Philip Churchill says:

    Whoops. Thanks JohnCz

  3. TheJudge says:

    Nice storage amount of GB/TB, but I would question the long term power consumption, noise, heat and sheer size of all the drives. Better served in the long run to use some 500gb or larger to tone things down a bit. But I know he’s just having fun and testing too….LOL

    I’m currently at 1.2T with three drives….plenty of space and noise for me 😉

  4. Brian says:

    My server’s currently sitting at just under 300GB, but unfortunately, it’s pretty much crammed full and I desperately need to upgrade the drives.

    The case for the final release machine I’m building has room for 9 drives, so I figure I’ll run out of connections on the motherboard before I ever run out of space inside the case.

    I’ll be taking monetary donations for buying a few TB worth of hard drives 🙂

  5. Philip Churchill says:

    Now, my motherboard has 4x Serial ATA connectors, support for 2x ATA devices and 6x USB ports. My calculator makes that 12 WOW. That means I can add 12x 1TB hard drives to my Windows Home Server………ah, my wife just caught me writing this, so perhaps not!

  6. Brian says:

    Don’t want to make the wife mad, cause when the wife’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy 😉

    My wife told me the other day when I realized I was out of space, that as long as we can afford it, I can put more drives into the home server, in the interest of keeping all our valuable data safe. 🙂 I may have to go on the ramen diet for a couple weeks to build up my storage space.

  7. TheJudge says:

    LOL Nice one…..

  8. rlocone says:

    Well, right now I have 1.2TB. I will be adding another 3 x 1 TB by the end of Sept.

  9. Shane K says:

    I wonder how long that takes to balance…

  10. Mark Malley says:

    I’m at 5.6 TB with 4 750 GB drives and 6 500 GB drives. I have 2 1 TB drives waiting to be installed once I get 2 more SATA ports that supports spinning drives down.

  11. iain says:

    System Drive

    1 x 160GB (internal IDE)

    Data Pool = 4.24TB (2.48TB free)

    2 x 1TB (internal SATA)

    2 x 750GB (internal SATA)

    2 x 500GB (external USB)

    Backup Drives

    1 x 1TB (external USB)

    1 x 300GB (external USB)

    I have another 1TB SATA drive to add to my pool, but I’m out of SATA ports so I’m just waiting to buy a SATA card.

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