Create a website on Windows Home Server

Developer Andrew Grant from the site andrewlive! has a post up on his website entitled How to create a website on Windows Home Server in minutes. It details using the Whiist add-in to create web sites on your Windows Home Server. It’s well worth a read!

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  1. Designing and creating a website is piece of cake these days.It is no more difficult than using a word processing program or drawing a picture on a blank piece of paper indeed.The best thing to start with is to consider your reasons for doing so. It is very important to have a goal or target audience in mind.To create a website, there are a number of good free and paid builders available. Fortunately, some are quite easy to learn. In fact, after a few hours of playing around you could get a professionally looking website up and running !And if you want to add in a few more advanced tricks you can insert these without having to really understand the way they work – you’ll fathom out as and when you need to.I think the message really is just experiment and try different things out until you find something you can work with. Jeff

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