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It seems that some of us are having problems with NOD32 on home server. One of our contributors TheJudge found that the Nod32 AMON service is NOW blocking access to he’s shared folders, but only since the installation of the uTorrent service.

“After about a dozen different configurations, trials and reboots, I found out that the conflict does in fact involve AMON. I turned off uTorrent and stopped the service. But Amon would still block the shared folders. AMON must be completely disabled or the shares will be blocked.  I’m not
sure why, but Amon is the reason. Odd part is that Amon played well with my WHS all week until I installed the uTorrent Service and add-in.  Coincidence? Don’t think so. Would an uninstall and reinstall of NOD32 work? Not sure, but that may be the next thing I try. If not, I may have to try another AV solution. The IMON portion scans incoming HTTP ports just fine on WHS and does not cause any conflicts even with uTorrent running happily in the background.

Wonder if anyone else has had this problem?

They did, beta tester playadru182 from the WHS forums also had problems which disappeared only after he uninstalled NOD32 as did others as well. I have spoken to ESET technical support who said that they have not tested NOD32 on Windows Home Server yet, so have no idea why this is happening. They will be testing it before WHS goes RTM but say that since home server is based on Windows Server 2003 it should work fine which naturally it isn’t, which is a shame because NOD32 is a very good anti virus product. So until this problem gets resolved what can we use in the meantime? Looking back at my previous article More Anti-Virus Software for WHS and we can see that there are still a few others that we can use on the home server that are reasonably priced like AVG Anti-Virus Network edition and F-PROT Antivirus for Windows.

And the meantime any ideas why this is happening anyone?

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  1. Lang Murphy says:


    Not intending to be harsh… but if the -developers- don’t know why this is happening… I doubt that any of us here would know… (Although nothing could make me happier than someone proving me wrong!)


  2. TheJudge says:


    Also I’m not intending to be harsh. But, You would be surprised how many people out there might actually have some background in AV development. Someone may know how the AMON service running in memory would affect WHS and it’s shared folders. Which may assist the NOD32 developers with making it compatible with WHS…..

    You won’t find out if anyone knows unless you post the question…… Alooooooot of people are involved in this WHS Beta….(100,000 strong).

  3. Lang Murphy says:

    That’s why I added the “nothing would make me happier” blurb at the end. Nothing would! 😉

  4. Hi,

    I am currently testing the new ESET Smart Security Suite to see if this has any problems being on Windows Home Server. More info is available here.

  5. nod32-fan says:


    I have had the same share problems while using nod32(v2.7.39) on my WHS server. I have traced the problem to a check box option in AMON.

    AMON>setup>Detection Tab>Scan On> Open.

    If I uncheck the Scan on Open check box I can still access my shares. I did restart my server afterwards. There is also a “Allow Manual Stop” check box under the AMON security tab which allows you to stop AMON. This was handy for troubleshooting the access to my shares.

    Hope this little workaround helps.

    I will post this on WHS forums as well.

  6. Hi nod32-fan,

    Thanks for your comment. Thats a good workaround.

  7. The ESET NOD32 Antivirus sub forum at Wilders Security Forums have said to not select IMON then all would be OK.

  8. Joe says:

    Just thought you should know Eset have stopped the home package working on windows home server. I have a year left on my license which is wasted!

    Eset want me to purchase a business server license at roughly 5x the cost!!

  9. Diagg says:

    look like Nod32 is back in business with a beta 4 now compatible with WHS (writen at the end of the article)


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