A Windows Service Installer for Windows Home Server

uTorrent add-in developer Marcel Nouwens has been a busy person. He has also released AnyServiceInstaller which enables you to install any application on WHS as a windows service, so when you are logged out from your home server the application you installed will continue to operate without a logged in user. This can be done manually off course but this software simplifies the task.


AnyServiceInstaller version 1.0 can be downloaded from http://webwacker.ath.cx/Web/Windows%20Services/ UPDATED: https://webwacker.livenode.com/Web/Windows%20Services/AnyServiceInstaller%201.0.zip and instructions are included with the zip file.

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  • Rob McDougall

    Looks like this link no longer works: http://webwacker.ath.cx/Web/Windows%20Services/. It brings you to a blog with no mention of AnyServiceInstaller.

  • http://mswhs.com Philip Churchill

    Hi Rob McDougall,

    The new link is above.

  • Ralph Knox

    The “new” link above also doesn’t work. Where can you obtain the Any Service Installer? – thanks

  • Justin Almeida

    No new link eh? Both links on this page are still broken! :(

  • Jeff H

    New download for AnyServiceInstaller is here: http://forum.wegotserved.com/index.php?showtopic=8566