100 New Fixes, Forums and Connect to Stay Open and Available Versions!

Now that Windows Home Server has shipped we have some details on the included fixes, info on what will be happening to the Microsoft WHS Forums and Connect web site and details on the availability of the evaluation version including info for MSDN and Technet subscribers.

There has been over 100 new fixes with the RTM version, a lot of which were text string changes for the German, French and Spanish localization builds. Other fixes include:

  • Backup Consistency Check
  • Log files growing
  • Windows Updates takes all updates (including non-critical ones)
  • Remove Drive problems
  • Activation error messages
  • Server Recovery for some of the hardware partners

This is good news. The Microsoft WHS Forums will remain open and will become a place where people can discuss their experiences with the product and find add-ins, etc. The product team will continue to monitor and participate in the forums and they ask us to keep testing and reporting on the forums so they can see if they can reproduce any of the reported problems with the RTM code. The Connect site will also remain open for beta-testing any add-ins or other new functionality that the Windows Home Server team might develop.

Those of us with a MSDN or Technet subscription will be sad to hear that the first release of Windows Home Server will not be available via these services although in a couple of months we shall be able to order disk kits of the 120 day Evaluation Editions from the Microsoft home server web site.  These Evaluation editions shall be available in English, French, Spanish and German.

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  1. mcepat says:

    we will be able to buy the oem discs though correct? I am hearing mixed answers.

    I don’t want to buy a new machine with it installed, I want to build my own machine and load the software, plus I see this very much as a consulting oportunity but only if we are able to build are own machines

  2. Yes we shall be able to buy the OEM discs and I am sure that many of us shall be building machines for re-sale. I wonder if the beta testers will get a free or discounted copy?

  3. edissemor says:


    How are you?

  4. Hi edissemor,

    Welcome to the site. I am well thank you. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

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