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Apart from helping with topics that you’d like to see covered in Woody Leonhard forth coming Windows Home Server for Dummies book. Andrew Edney has been in contact also. His book Windows Home Server User’s Guide is due to be published in october 2007 and he as well, would welcome your comments for ideas on what to include.

So thinking caps on and leave your comments for Windows Home Server User’s Guide right here under this post and continue to leave comments for Windows Home Server for Dummies here.

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  1. Eric says:

    I’d like to see a good deal of info on remote access setup, possibly with a pictorial reference for the top 5 or so most popular routers (or top few from several different companies, one netgear probably works much the same as another netgear).

    Also some info on managing backups – suggested strategies, given the total size to be backed up and how much space you have available to WHS.

  2. Handling multiple routers will be challenging. Not sure if I can tackle that in this book. (In fact, I bet it would require a book all by itself!) I can give some general pointers, but…

    If WHS becomes as big a deal as I think it will, within two years all the router manufacturers will make darn good ‘n sure that their routers play ball.

    Backup management is a great idea. I’m still having a hard time swallowing one bitter pill: if you have 200 GB of pictures on a local machine, run a backup on WHS, then move the pics to a duplicated folder, your server suddenly has 600 GB of the same pics. Not exactly what I had hoped for…

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