Microsoft Team asking for help – WHS Connector Join issues

As posted on the Microsoft Windows Home Server Forum.  If you are one of the people having issues getting your PCs connected to the server they would like to hear from you.

As Micheal Elizarov says:

“Our team is trying to create a comprehensive picture of the issues people have when running connector on their client machines and joining server. Because of wide range of configurations of networks we will never be able to create many of these scenarios in the lab.”

“If you have experienced an issue with joining your clients please send email, we will establish direct contact and try to figure out what your problem is and try to fix it. Your help is very much appreciated!”

The email address is available from this thread and further information is available from my earlier posting Installing Connector on Home PC issues.

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  1. Mironsky says:

    I’ve been having the exact same issue with one of my laptops. The other 3 computers Installed the WHS Connector without any hitch. But this Laptop is driving me bonkers…! Been working at it for the last 3 days and ready to re-install the WHS completely. Not sure what else to do..? If I find any useful solutions I will re-post…I am not giving up.

    Best of luck to the rest of you..!

  2. Thanks Mironsky. Keep us posted.

  3. Jack says:

    I have 4 units connected with no issues. I upgraded my acer aspire to Win 7 and when I try to install connector I get told my password is wrong. I reset my password and same thing. I know the password is correct. Help

  4. Jack says:

    Am using Guest acct on all units. I am the only user. password is same as admin. When I install it asks me for password then it uninstalls itself. I am using 32 bit version. I had no issues with it using win xp.

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