AntiVirus Software for Windows Home Server

While there is no requirement that you load Anti-Virus software on WHS, I personally think that it’s a good idea. With more people adding programs like uTorrent, eMule and ORB to their WHS directly, there is a greater chance of a direct infection especially when using Torrent or P2P applications.
A visiting guest with his/her laptop could also spread a viral infection on my home network again increasing the chance of infecting WHS.

F-Secure will be releasing an Anti-Virus package that integrates with Windows Home Server in the not too distant future.

 But what can we use in the meantime?

Since WHS is based on Windows Server 2003 we need an AV product that works on this platform and one that is able to scan the files in the WHS share and repair or quarantine them if necessary.

Some tried and tested programs include:

Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10. Only available in 5+ user packs @ £186.83. Expensive and not much good when we only need 1 copy.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Server (also known as Kaspersky Anti-Virus for File Server) @ £225. Another expensive option.

NOD32 Enterprise Edition @ £154 for 5 Licences. The BEST paid for option at present.

Comodo AntiVirus. FREE but very hard to setup.

ClamWin, the open source anti-virus software. FREE but it does not have a TSR, but you can schedule scans to run and it works OK. Probably the best FREE option available.

This is what I have come up with so far. Unless YOU know better of course, in which case please let us know!

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  1. Paul Taylor says:

    Avast Server Edition is working fine for me.

  2. Scott Johnson says:

    You need to get all the facts before you started posting stuff … here is a quote from Don over at KAV posted on 3-1-2009 “It’s simple, when there are enough potential in this market there will be a version released, but untill the development costs can be justified there won’t be:

    There is no KAV for WHS .. Research this stuff before you post it or get a new line of work…..

  3. DuckPuppy says:

    Wow, Scott… let’s try it this way.
    How about you READ the article next time, then post. Perhaps you’ll not post something so idiotic then. This post makes no mention of KAV for WHS… in fact, it’s pointing out AV packages that work with WHS that AREN’T made for it specifically… NONE of the packages above are made for WHS. That’s kinda the point of the article… since WHS is a mangled Server 2003 install, products that work on Windows Server (note the lack of HOME in the middle) may work just fine. The problem with those solutions is that they are targeted at the users of Windows Server, namely businesses with IT departments. That usually means they can charge more for it since you’re dealing with someone with important data to protect and deeper pockets to pull from than the average man on the street.

  4. thank you for the list,great info!

  5. Curt Ross says:

    I highly recommend you use Bit Defender 10 Free Edition. It is made for Windows Home Server Editions as well as Vista/XP etc.

  6. Jason Burt says:

    I agree with Paul Taylor…Avast is great and has a family pack that includes a copy of WHS anti-virus and I believe 10 individual copies of the Professional version for clients for 79.95/year subscription. Plus, you can try it for I believe 3 months free and they are Win 7 compatible.

  7. Jeff says:

    Correction –

    Bit Defender 10 Free Edition is not compatible and will not install on WHS as indicated above.

  8. Tom McK says:

    Jeff –

    The bottom of this page begs to differ:


    There are system requirements for WHS..

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