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Matt’s Weekly Mailbag

Of late, I have been doing a weekly mailbag on my own site People have been emailing me, asking questions to do with all sorts of issues with windows, browsers, office and many other things for years, and it has been a big success. Now I have recently expanded on this, directly replying to […]


Apple Release iTunes 10.0.1 To Fix Windows Home Server Issues

Andrew Edney over at has just posted about the Apple iTunes 10.1 fix which will fix bugs that Windows Home Server users have been stuck with since iTunes 10 was released around a month ago. Streaming issues and generally not working correctly with WHS, are just some of the problems users have had to […]


Create a Windows Home Server Vail boot disk on a USB drive

This is a great article showing you how to turn a USB pen drive into a bootable Windows Home Server Vail install disk. Basically it takes the Windows Home Server files and puts them on to a USB thumb drive and makes it bootable, instantly allowing you to boot from the thumb drive and install […]


AMD’s answer to the Intel Atom have got a great review about AMD’s new Athlon ll X2 260 Regor. This is where AMD can finally try and make some ground into the Windows Home Server market, this is the chip that will focus on low power and low cost. Check it out here. Written by Matthew Glover


Buy the Right Windows Home Server

Gilberto J Perera over at has a brilliant post on purchasing the right Windows Home Server for you. He goes through all the essentials such as storage, RAM and processor. He then goes on to look at the offerings from the big OEM suppliers such as Acer and HP. Check it out here. Written […]


The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 106

News on Windows Home Server, a recap of the St. Louis meetup, and an alternative to mControl in the forums.  It’s the Home Server Show, Episode 106.  There is no shortage of news for this show and we also go over the video podcast of the St. Louis meetup.  Check the home page of […]


Microsoft Security Essentials coming to WHS

News from Redmond, Washington today is that MSE will be available for small businesses, this is the surest sign yet that it will be available for both “Aurora” and “Vail” upon release. Microsoft have initially said that they will be allowing businesses to use the software on up to 10 PC’s, but no upgrade ability […]


Advanced Admin Console Add-In for Vail

Timothy Deleo at has taken an in-depth look at Andreas Miceli’s much anticipated Advanced Admin Console Add-in for Vail. This add-in is still at beta stage and Andreas is still looking for more beta testers, so if you want the chance to get the first look get over to, or you can find […]


10 Steps to Connect a computer to your Windows Home Server Vail

Home System Integration have got a good article showing how to connect your computer to Windows Home Server Vail. They go through installing the connector software and configuring once up and running. Check it out here. Written by Matthew Glover


WHS Vail vs WHS v1

Chuck Shumar over at Home Server Land has put together a very comprehensive guide to compare Vail against WHS v1. It stands to reason that Vail will come out on top, but does it? Check it out here. Written by Matthew Glover