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Apple Release iTunes 10.0.1 To Fix Windows Home Server Issues

Andrew Edney over at usingwindowshomeserver.com has just posted about the Apple iTunes 10.1 fix which will fix bugs that Windows Home Server users have been stuck with since iTunes 10 was released around a month ago. Streaming issues and generally not working correctly with WHS, are just some of the problems users have had to […]


Create a Windows Home Server Vail boot disk on a USB drive

This is a great article showing you how to turn a USB pen drive into a bootable Windows Home Server Vail install disk. Basically it takes the Windows Home Server files and puts them on to a USB thumb drive and makes it bootable, instantly allowing you to boot from the thumb drive and install […]


10 Steps to Connect a computer to your Windows Home Server Vail

Home System Integration have got a good article showing how to connect your computer to Windows Home Server Vail. They go through installing the connector software and configuring once up and running. Check it out here. Written by Matthew Glover www.matthewglover.co.uk


WHS vs Vail vs Aurora

Chuck Shumar over at Home Server Land has put a comparison together. He compares WHS v1, Vail and Aurora. It makes for interesting reading check it out here. Written by Matthew Glover www.matthewglover.co.uk


Using Hyper-V performance counters to keep an eye on Windows Home Server

After Ben Armstrong had some adventures yesterday with a failing hard drive using Hyper-V and WHS, he is today showing us how to check that all his data is replicating properly on his Windows Home Server. check it out here. Written by Matthew Glover www.matthewglover.co.uk


Diagnosing hard disk failure with WHS & Hyper-V

Just been reading a great article by Ben Armstrong on Virtual PC Guy’s Blog, about what to do in the event of getting a failing hard drive while using WHS on Hyper-V. I have blogged before about running WHS on Hyper-V and I know that some of you are using this kind of setup, Ben […]


Microsoft add WHS into PinPoint

If you haven’t ever heard of Microsoft Pinpoint then don’t worry many haven’t and I confess I hadn’t until i came across this story. Basically Pinpoint is a database full of all the applications created nearly all windows platforms submitted by the developers. To our valued Windows Home Server V1 add-in developers: Thank you for your […]