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Add-In: WHS Drobo Status Beta 2

The WHS Drobo Status add-in has just been updated to beta 2. This plugin allows you to view how much space you have available on your Drobo from within WHS 2011 dashboard as well as the status of the drives. Beta 2 includes the following changes: Added support for multiple Drobos Now include the Drobo […]


Manage your Home Office with WHS 2011

Ric Chapman over at tells us how we can manage our home office with Windows Home Server 2011. The article starts out be asking why WHS 2011? and then goes through the setting up process of Microsoft’s latest Home Server offering. Backups, Add-Ins, remote access and alerts & notifications are also taken a look […]


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 5421

The DE type replacement add-in StableBit DrivePool has had another update for WHS 2011 users. Build 5421 has the following changes: [D] Fixed simple rename crash (E.g. when renaming from OS X). [D] Disk buffer fixes. Attempted to fix folder re-share on migration (unable to reproduce).              [D] = Driver was modified (reboot required on […]


Add-In: Drive Bender Beta 2 of the Tomcat Release

Beta 2 of the Tomcat release of Drive Bender has just been released. Release v1.2.3.5 beta (2012-01-14) has the following changes: Bug fix: The pool could lockup under certain conditions (issue is caused by the named (alternate) stream support previously introduced, as a result this has been removed for the time being). Bug fix: BSOD […]


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 5417

Build 5417 of StableBit DrivePool has just been released. This latest build in beta stage M4 (Milestone 4) includes the following changes: [D] Fixed directory listing. Sometimes it would incorrectly tell the caller that there are no more files. [D] Changed disk buffer access one more time to use exception handling instead of relying on […]


ISP blocking ports for WHS 2011?

Chris Barnes explains to us how to work around your ISP blocking ports for Windows Home Server 2011. In his tutorial Chris tells us how to configure your router to forward the correct ports needed for remote access to work and using your domain register to forward your sub domain. A great read which you […]


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 5401

Build 5401 of StableBit DrivePool has just been made available. Currently at the Milestone 4 (M4) stage, here is the change log: * [D] Cleanup success code is now consistent with IRP. * [D] Fixed crash in handling lock control. * [D] Fixed virtual physical disk buffer access (was causing a number of crashes).            […]


WHS 2011 Compared to WHS Version 1

A nice comparison which we found over at the Japanese website comparing WHS 2011 to Windows Home Server v1:


How To Build A Windows Home Server

How To Build A Windows Home Server is an article from which documents the process of choosing components for a Windows Home Server 2011 box. “…from the low wattage Intel CPU, through the motherboard, PSU, memory and drives before looking at the setup process and how the OS looks and works in day to […]


Creating Shared Folders in WHS

Brian Burgess from groovyPost is back with another how to for WHS users and this time its on how to create shared folders on Windows Home Server. Brian takes us back to basics for this how to and takes us through the process including lots of pics (which we like). Create Windows Home Server Shared […]