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Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 5843

Build 5843 of StableBit DrivePool, the Drive Extender type add-in for WHS 2011 users is available. Change Log: [D] Fixed incorrect number of copies sometimes being created for files in duplicated folders, depending on directory layout. [D] Fixed oplock delay when writing to duplicated folders. [D] Fixed an issue that was preventing the client backup […]


Video: Creating a Parity Volume in Storage Spaces

Mike Faucher (also known as PC Doc) and the BYOB podcast have a quick walk-through video on Creating a Parity Volume in part 1 of their Storage Spaces in Windows 8.


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 5831

Build 5831 of StableBit DrivePool is available. Here’s what’s changes in this latest release: [D] Proper oplock cancellation support. If the user cancels disk removal, abort immediately, even if we’re in the middle of copying a large file. [D] = Driver was modified (reboot required after update) More information on StableBit DrivePool can be found […]


WHS Downloads in My Movies for iPad, iPhone and Android

If you have My Movies for iPad, iPhone or Android version 1.80 then you may be wondering how the download option from Windows Home Server functions. Answer: The download function allows your iPad, iPhone or Android to connect to My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 either in-house, or out of the house. For the […]


Add-In: WebDAV for WHS v1.0.36

WebDAV for WHS  is an add-in for WHS 2011 users which enables WebDAV access to the server folders. The add-in has the following features: Installs and configures the IIS WebDAV feature Choosable alias name for the virtual directory Folder permissions are granted HTTPS access only The installer package installs all the necessary server role features […]


Creating a Virtual Storage Pool in Windows 8

As you may to aware Windows 8 (both the Consumer Preview and Server "8") includes Storage Spaces, a technology very similar to what Drive Extender was in version 1 of Windows Home Server. Website AddictiveTips have a post where they explain what Storage Spaces actually is and also take you through creating a virtual storage […]


The BYOB Podcast Episode 79

Episode 79 of the BYOB podcast is up and this week: "…we talk Windows 8 and Server 8.  We give a first impression of Server 8 and a deeper dive into Windows 8.  Now that we have had a couple of days with it we discuss the good and the bad." You can get this […]


Diskeeper Corporation Renamed to Condusiv Technologies

Diskeeper the company behind Diskeeper HomeServer the defragmentation software for Home Server users today announced their new name – Condusiv Technologies. Here’s their press release: Burbank, Calif., March 5, 2012—Diskeeper Corporation will enter spring 2012 as Condusiv Technologies. Today, Monday March 5, the leader in high performance optimization and maintenance software for technology, people and […]


CloudBerry Online Backup for WHS 2011–A Users Review

Michael Thomas has written a review on his experience of using CloudBerry Online Backup for Windows Home Server 2011, an online backup solution for Vail users. CloudBerry leverages amazon S3 Storage and Michael takes us through its installation and the different options available to you, which you can read about here.


Video: The Innards of the HP N40L MicroServer

Before The Home Server Show went on air John and Jim were killing time and decided to tear apart the HP N40L ProLiant MicroServer. So if you haven’t got a HP MicroServer and would like to see its innards, then you can in this 26 minute pre-show video.