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Add-In: InteliSAN LDisk v3.0.0.2

InteliSAN LDisk has been updated to version Due to a minor packaging issue in version this latest version has been released. The packaging issue could affect the windows dashboard. You might not have noticed anything and there is no functional change, but InteliSAN decided to correct this and release this new package ( […]


The BYOB Podcast Episode 83

Episode 83 of the BYOB podcast is up. This week’s episode of the "Build Your Own Box" podcast has guest Michael Ross talking about his really impressive systems and his thoughts on media and cutting the cord. You can find it here.


Restoring a 64-bit Computer Using WHS v1

Remember if you are restoring a 64-bit computer using version 1 of Windows Home Server you will manually have to find drivers for your hard drive and network card manually. Microsoft blog "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" has the details.


Add-In: InteliSAN LDisk v3.0.0.1

InteliSAN have released version of their LDisk Disk Pooling and iSCSI Target storage add-in for WHS-2011, WSS-e, and SBS-2011e. OK, fifteen changes in this latest release and here they are: XEN Server iSCSI support Cosmetics changes in NAS+SAN tab VMWare/ESX iSCSI support Ability to change Disk names using properties menu to help with disk […]


The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 179

SBS, WHS 2011, Multipoint Server and Drive Extender are all talked about on this weeks edition of The Home Server Show podcast. Small Business Server MVP Susan Bradley joins Dave, John and Jim in episode 179 which you can find here.


Add-In: KeepVault v4.15

Online backup provider KeepVault has updated their software to version 4.15 This latest release has the following changes: The max file size increases from 20GB to 200GB Backup of password protected network shares is now supported Better handling for backup of hidden files and folders More information on KeepVault for WHS v1, WHS 2011, SBS […]


Virtual Machine hosting platform on WHS 2011

Matthew Hodgkins has been in touch to let us know that he has posted part 2 of his article on running VirtualBox directly on Windows Home Server 2011. In this 2nd installment Matthew explains how to automatically start and stop virtual machines on both boot-Up and shutdown and how to use the Windows Home Server […]


SBS, MultiPoint Server and Storage Essentials Podcast

Microsoft Small Business Specialist Tim Barrett is on episode 27 of the "Need To Know Podcast" talking about Small Business Server, MultiPoint Server and Storage Essentials. An interesting listen to find out what server technology you can use in a small business environment. You can find all 53 minutes of episode 27 here.


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 6008

StableBit DrivePool the Drive Extender type add-in for WHSD 2011 users has had an update. Version has the following changes: When setting duplication on a read-only folder, it used to error out with access denied. Do not error out on in-use duplicated files / other expected error conditions when removing disks from the pool. […]


“Computer Monitoring Error” Hotfix Available

After installing Update Rollup 2 (UR2) some WHS 2011 users were experiencing a false computer monitoring error in the Launchpad or Dashboard. Microsoft have now come up with a hotfix to correct the false computer monitoring error in the Launchpad or Dashboard some users were experiencing after installing Update Rollup 2 (UR2). The hotfix is […]