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SkyDrive on WHS 2011

The guys over at the HomeServerShow have a great post on getting SkyDrive installed on WHS 2011: “Since I have many computers on my internal network, I decided that rather than installing it [SkyDrive] on each computer, I would install it on Windows Home Server and make it accessible for all the systems.” PCDoc explains […]


The BYOB Podcast Episode 84

Episode 84 of the BYOB podcast is up, and this week: “Z77, Ivy Bridge, Windows 8 talk, SplashTop, and Cloud Drives.  Tonight we have some in depth discussions on the new Ivy Bridge CPU’s and the Z77 chipsets.  We also hash out some differences on the various cloud drives such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, and G […]


WD Caviar Green HDD Intellipark Fix

If you have one of Western Digital’s Caviar Green HDDs then the drives Intellipark technology parks the drives heads and turn off unnecessary electronics after 8 seconds of inactivity to help save power. But the only problem with this is that some software and OS’s are incompatible with the Intellipark feature causing endless head parking […]


Add MIME Types to WHS 2011

If you would like to play different video files from your Windows Home Server 2011 box then fellow MVP Sam Wood has some answers for us. For example to add videos with the .FLV extension you need to do the following. On your home server’s desktop: Start –> Control Panel –> Administrative Tools –> Internet […]


Choosing RAID

Thinking of using RAID on your Windows Home Server 2011 box? If so then PCWorld have an article on RAID Made Easy: “What is RAID, why do you need it, and what are all those mode numbers that are constantly bandied about?” The article explains the difference between the RAID modes and also takes a […]


Drive Bender Extended Trial Version Available

Drive Bender have an extended trial key available which allows you to trial their Drive Extender type add-in for WHS 2011 users until the 1st July. If you also have tried Drive Bender in the past and wish to try it again, or simply want to extend your current trial period, just use this key: […]


Implementing Storage Pools and Storage Spaces Virtual Lab

Microsoft have released a bunch of Windows Server 2012 Virtual Labs to get you up to speed on some of the features in their next server operating system. One of the Virtual Labs which is of interest to us is "Implementing Storage Pools and Storage Spaces" After completing this 30 minute lab you will understand […]


Add-In: Drive Bender Tomcat Release Available

Version 1.3 of Drive Bender (also known as the Tomcat release) is now available for download. Update: New Windows and WHS interface. Bug fix: File count feature could report the incorrect number of files. Update: Minor health monitor improvements. Bug fix: Networked mount points are non-writable on Windows 2008 R2. Update: If a drive removal […]


Add-In: Lights-Out 1.5.2 Build 1737 (Service Pack 2)

Service Pack 2 for the add-in Lights-Out has just been released. Service Pack 2 adds many new features to this add-in which is used to put a Windows Home Server into suspended mode or hibernation and resume on user defined events, the most important one being the new Mac Agent which is supported on both […]


Windows 8 Release Preview in Early June

Microsoft announced via a tweet that the Release Preview of Windows 8 will be made available the first week of June. The tweet from the Building Windows 8 team came from Japan’s Windows 8 Dev Days conference where Windows chief Steven Sinofsky announced the news. UPDATE: The Windows Server Blog has also stated that they […]