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Video: WS2012e Unattended Installation (using unattended.xml)

The tinkerguy is back and this time he shows us how to automate the Windows Server 2012 Essentials installation so that toy have an unattended installation by using unattended .xml. Interested in learning some of the steps to being an OEM custom PC builder, or Windows Deployment automation sysadmin? Recently, I became interested in getting […]


The BYOB Podcast Episode 92

Episode 92 of the BYOB podcast is up, and this week: “Haswell, Server 2012 storage spaces testing and the great domain debate rages on. eVGA mini motherboard, and the Google Nexus hands on…” You can find episode 92 here.


Video: Removing Active Directory Domain from WS2012e to Restore the Simplicity of Workgroup

Tinkerguy explains to us how to remove the Active Directory Domain from Windows Server 2012 Essentials itself, in a attempt to restore the simplicity of Workgroup. As well as lots of detailed information, Tinkerguy has also posted this 8 minute video BUT please note as of the 27th July 2012 this method of removal is […]


Add-In: Integrity Checker v1.50

Integrity Checker the add-in which automatically generates hash-stamps to guarantee the integrity of your data has had an update. Version 1.50 is now publicly available and includes the following changes: Updates for Server 2012 Essentials and "Windows Server Logo" certification Fixed issue where files located within very long paths wouldn’t be scanned Code tuning and […]


Long Live Windows Home Server

Podcast Entertainment 2.0 has Windows Home Server MVP Dave McCabe talking about (you guessed it) Windows Home Server: David brings with him his vast Home Server experience to discuss what the death of Home Server means for its fans, and for the Media Center community. Many Media Center users, including Josh and Richard, also incorporate […]


WD Red NAS Hard Drives show 10% Reduction in Temperature

Another review on Western Digital’s (WD) Red hard drive designed specifically for NAS users and this time its from Serve The Home. We are told about 3D Active Balance Plus, TLER – time limited error recovery and Command Completion. This of course is backed up with some performance numbers too. Western Digital are also claiming […]


Add-In: In: StableBit DrivePool v1.1.0.6326v1.1.0.6326

StableBit DrivePool the Drive Extender type add-in for WHS 2011 users has been released as a release final (out of beta), and includes the following changes: Final release build. Major new items since last release (1.0.1): – Improved read striping algorithm. – Network I/O prioritization for smoother streaming video. – Fast drive removal (option) for […]


Add-In: StableBit Scanner v2.1.0.2601

StableBit Scanner the advanced hard disk surface scanner add-in has been updated with a power management fix and installer updates. Here is the full change log for users of WHS 2011, SBS 2011 Essentials and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials: Scanner ported to Vista+ (public BETA in a few weeks). – Columns / window […]


Add-In: My Movies for WHS 2011 v2.11 PR6

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 has a new pre release version. Version 2.11 PR6 has the following changes: Added: Better messages when attempting to start services without the required amount of points. Change: Event handling functionality now requires 2500 points or integrator license. Change: New handbrake version for video converter. Change: Ability to […]


Open Source alternatives to Windows Home Server has a 5 page listing of open source alternatives to Windows Home Server. Most Features of WHS can be Easily Duplicated – But would you want too? It takes a look at OpenMediaVault and VortexBox for Media Streaming. FreeNAS and Openfiler for file sharing. Nagios for host health monitoring and for centralised backup Areca […]