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Smart Restore for Amazon Glacier with CloudBerry Backup

The latest release of CloudBerry Backup v 3.2 has Smart Restore functionality built in for Amazon Glacier, which allows you to manage your data restore in an intelligent way: When you run a Restore Wizard for Glacier and select the data to restore it will estimate the total restore size and the associated costs. It […]


Add-In: iHomeServer (for iTunes) v2.2.23.0

The v2 BETA build of iHomeServer (for iTunes) has had an update. Version can be downloaded from here. The current features being tested in the pre-release versions include: • Internet metadata lookups from The Movie DB, The TV and tagChimp • Auto-tagging of movies in watch folders (optional) • Rapid Auto-tagging of TV […]


Update Rollup 4 (UR4) for WHS 2011 Available

Update Rollup 4 (UR4) for Window Home Server 2011, SBS 2011 Essentials and Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials has been released, and is being distributed via Windows Update. So what’s new? Well for WHS 2011, Microsoft KB Article 2757011 lists the following 10 major issues which have been fixed in this release: Issue 1 When […]


Add-In: Drive Bender v1.4.5.0

Drive Bender has released version of their Drive Extender type add-in for users of WHS 2011, SBS Essentials 2011 and Server 2012 Essentials. Here’s the change log: Update: The Getting started wizard now offers to add more drives to a newly created pool. Bug fix: When adding a pool, it was possible that the […]


How To Rejoin a Client Computer to WS 2012 Essentials

If you are using WS2012 Essentials you may experience a problem when trying to rejoin a client computer to a WSE 2012 Domain: The NETBIOS name of the client computer was left the same and the client could communicate with the server in order to download the connector software but the connector installation would fail […]


Making a UEFI Bootable USB Drive for WS 2012 Essentials

ServeTheHome have an article on making a UEFI Bootable USB Drive for Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012, which will equally work with WS2012 Essentials. Since most UEFI motherboard’s can only boot from FAT32 and not NTFS, this guide can come in handy to getting your USB drive setup for Ws2012e installation. You can find […]


The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 207

Its time for another episode of “The Home Server Show” podcast, and this week it’s episode 207: …We are going to go over a few things about CES but we also have a deal to make with you. It is the season for CES so we have to talk a little about it. We promise […]


Update Release 4 for WHS 2011 Next Week

Microsoft KB Article 894199 lists what updates are coming from Microsoft in the following weeks for "Patch Tuesday". Of interest to us, is that an Update Release is listed for SBS2011 Essentials, WHS 2011 and Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials as being available next Tuesday, December 11th. Doing the maths this will be Update Rollup […]


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool v1.2.3.7217

StableBit DrivePool has had another release. Version has miscellaneous fixes and progress for background tasks. [D] Key areas of virtual disks can be written to by the OS in order to allow it to update virtual on-disk structures, for example to resolve signature collisions. [D] New pools will be GPT disks (not MBR) in […]


New HP N54L MicroServer On the Way

It seems an update to the HP Proliant MicroServer is on the way. Two new versions have been spotted on the web, with the model number of N54L. One version offers a 250GB hard drive whilst the other is diskless. The diskless model ships with 4GB RAM, whilst the second ships with only 2GB RAM […]