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Existing Connector Software works on Windows XP x64 SP2

We have shown you before how to install the Connector Software on Vista x64 machines even before Power Pack 1 with that technology is released. Readers leaving comments found that it also worked on Windows XP x64 SP2 also. One by the name of budious said: …to my surprise, found that it detected the computer […]


Create a Shared PDF Printer using PDF Creator

Deploying the FREE windows utility PDFCreator on Windows Home Server will enable you to Print to PDF and save paper. The confessions of a freeware junkie blog has the details on how to set it up.


How To Use Time Machine with Windows Home Server

Blogger Jeremy Jones has a Mac Mini, MacBook and a MacBook Pro and shows us how to back them all up using iTimeMachine to Windows Home Server. Read the full post here.


How To Automatically Download Audio and Video Podcasts Via RSS With Windows Home Server

We Got Served has posted a tutorial on How To Automatically Download Audio and Video Podcasts Via RSS With Windows Home Server by using the Community Feeds for Windows Home Server add-in. The walkthrough covers audio podcasts and video podcasts in easy steps, so even I can follow along.


Changing the Port your Certificate applies to.

Your Windows Home Server website by default uses SSL port 443 and if changed your security certificate will need to be configured to apply to that port also. Colin Walker has the details on how to do this at his RandomElements Blog.


Change your Web Site Image on the WHS Remote Access Site

Website Home Server Hacks have a tutorial  on changing your web site image on the Windows Home Server remote access site. Read it here.


avast! Professional Family Pack Review

I was woefully aware that I needed an anti-virus solution for my Windows Home Server – I’d had it up and running for 3 months and it had zero protection. I’ve been a fan (if you can call it that) of CA’s Anti-Virus for years. However, with the installation of Windows Home Server I began […]


Integrate Windows Update Services (WSUS) into Windows Home Server

We Got Served has a tutorial on how to integrate Windows Update Services v3 (WSUS) into Windows Home Server. WSUS is a local copy of Windows Update/Microsoft Update that is stored on the server and automatically installs the updates to all the other machines on your network. The tutorial is written by Windows Small Business […]


Another Way to Restore Files in WHS – Shadow Copy

As well as WHS having a back-up engine built in, it also has a lessor known feature to also help you protect your data, Volume Shadow Copy. Shadow Copy (also called VSC, Volume Snapshot Service or VSS) automatically creates point-in-time copies of files as you work, so you can quickly and easily retrieve versions of […]


Speed Up Windows Home Server File Copies?

Steven Kerr Lindsay has written an article on how to speed up your WHS file copies and his top tips for fast file copy are: Ensure your primary hard disk on your WHS is at least the speed of the fastest disk on your network. Ensure your primary hard disk on your WHS is at […]