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How to Run Linux Under Windows Home Server

Thanks to Paul Scott who sent us the link to an article about running both Linux and Windows Home Server on a HP MediaSmart Server. The guide goes through the 14 steps necessary to accomplice this using a free copy of Microsoft Virtual Server and a Linux distribution of your choice.


Synchronize Files on a Remote Network with WHS

How would you like to synchronize files that are not located on your network with your Windows Home Server? In my case I use the online FolderShare service to “backup” my brothers photos and documents from his PC back to my WHS With the Foldershare software running on both the home server and on his […]


Fixing Database Inconsistency Errors

Fixing Database Inconsistency errors is a great post by brubber in the Windows Home Server Forums. In his guide brubber explains how to recover from database inconsistency errors as well as how to fix the client backup database as well as how to fix the backup service not running. Read it here.


Windows Home Server as a Subversion Server

Matthew Miller has written about running Windows Home Server as a Subversion Server which is an open-source version control developer tool which can run under Linux or Windows.So, if your into really techie stuff (not for the faint hearted), then head over to the details here.


How to Install phpMyAdmin on Windows Home Server

How-To: Install phpMyAdmin on your Windows Home Server is a new tutorial posted on We Got Served. phpMyAdmin allows you to easily manage your databases for your websites, including creating new databases, tables, entries and even deleting or editing them. Read it here.


How-To Install phpBB 3, MediaWiki and WordPress on WHS

Over the last few days WHS enthusiast site We Got Served has published a series of how to’s for those wanting more from their Home Server’s. These include how to install Forum Software phpBB 3 on Windows Home Server, how-to install MediaWiki on Windows Home Server, installing PHP for IIS on Windows Home Server and […]


Install WHS from a USB Flash Drive

As I am sure you are aware, you do not need a DVD drive in your Windows Home Server case as the operating system is headless (no mouse, monitor, keyboard etc). So how do you install Home Server if their is no DVD drive? Easy, if you follow the guide on We Got Served. Turn […]


Volume Shadow Services (VSS) on WHS

Introduction Windows Home Server uses Volume Shadow Services (VSS) to support Previous Version functionality for files stored in Shared Folders on the home server. The Home Server normally triggers a snapshot every 12 hours, enabling users to access previous versions of files stored in Shared Folders on your home server. This is archived through the […]


HP MediaSmart Server Processor Upgrade

The site Home Server Hacks have posted a tutorial on how to upgrade the processor in the HP MediaSmart Server EX470/475 from the supplied 1.8GHz Sempron, which is a Socket AM2 to a low power (45W) 2.6GHz processor with 1MB of L2 cache (from 256KB in the Sempron). And all for the bargain basement price […]


WHS Can tell you when it's about to shut off due to a power outage

Have you ever wished that your Windows Home Server would tell you when it’s about to shut off due to a power outage? Well it can be done. Blogger Sean Daniel shows us by using a UPS, configuring the alerts in the power management control panel and by using 1 of 2 VBS scripts. All […]