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Installation Guidance for HP MediaSmart Server Software Update 1.3 and Microsoft’s WHS Power Pack 1

Today as part of Patch Tuesday Microsoft released Power Pack 1 (PP1) on Windows Update and to coincide with this HP have published some guidance regarding how to best install and configure the HP MediaSmart Server with PP1 and the HP Software Update 1.3, as well as the optional add-ins. If you have Windows Update […]


Installing Vista 64bit Connector Software have a step by step guide to installing the Microsoft 64bit Vista connector software for Windows Home Server on to your PC, which can be viewed here.


Access WHS Stored Music Easily

If you would like an easy way to access your Windows Home Server stored music, then We Got Served have a great how-to on installing the FireFly Media Server along with the Firefly add-in just like HP did on their MediaSmart Server’s. Read it here.


Watch CinemaNow Movies on your MediaSmart Server

How would you like to download CinemaNow movies to your MediaSmart Server? It can be easily done using the CinemaNow Media Manager, and you can start watching thousands of titles in minutes. If you would like to know how to do it, then has a great 3 page guide that takes you through the […]


How To Upgrade SqueezeCenter on Windows Home Server

Would you like to upgrade your copy of SqueezeCenter on Windows Home Server, then ripcaster has the details for you. A  complete guide with illustrations (we like that!), which can be found here.


Live Mesh on Windows Home Server

If you haven’t heard of Windows Live Mesh then you must have been on Mars for the last few months. The service enables you to seamlessly connect to people, devices, programs and the information you care about, but unfortunately it’s not compatible with WHS, well, not officially. have an illustrated tutorial on how to […]


Access PVConnect from a Web Browser

With the new PVConnect software available from HP for MediaSmart users, the Home server Show has a great guide showing you how to access the PVConnect settings from within a browser? Available here.


Updating from Original HP Update to Latest 1.3 have got steps documented to help those folks that either inadvertently got the original (broken) HP 1.3 update, or manually installed it from the HP website. The steps require RDP access to the server, and are NOT HP supported. Download the new 1.3 update from here: Remove the old 1.3 add-ins McAfee and […]


Getting HP Updates to Work with PP1

After installing Power Pack 1 (PP1) on the HP MediaSmart Server you may notice that you can no longer get the HP updates. Hewlett Packard are releasing a new version of their update once the final version of PP1 is released. In the meantime one way of still getting the updates is to browse the […]


How to Duplicate WHS Backups and Remove the Caution Screen

Daves Computer Tips Newsletter has a great article on how backups work on Windows Home Server and what makes the WHS backup so special. Dave also shows us how to duplicate the computer backup files by using a registry hack on the Home Server and how to remove the caution screen when logging on to […]