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Remote Desktop from Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows sysadmin Claus Valca wanted a way to RDP to his copy of Windows 7 Home Premium, which doesn’t allow connections to it. So he copied over 4 files from a Windows 7 build which does support the full Windows Remote Desktop, and now has it working. You can find out how he done it […]


TSMobiles Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Client

If you are running a headless Windows Home Server such as the HP MediaSmart Servers you best option is to use the Windows Home Server Console from a Windows or Mac Computer.  However, it is possible to use Remote Desktop (RDP) to connect to your server and there are many clients out there for a […]


Panda Managed Office Protection Review

I have never been able to say with any conviction that panda software is of any use, to anybody, and unfortunately this new software has not changed my mind. First of all Panda has it branded as business software, but just quickly mentions it works on windows home server. Second, there are very little settings […]


Stream Music over the Internet using Hamachi

If you would like to share and/or stream your music from Windows Home Server over the Internet then the Tranquil PC Weblog may have the answer for you. Using the VPN software LogMeIn Hamachi² is a free simple solution and this post explains how to set it up and configure it.


Health Status in Power Pack 3

Power Pack 3 (PP3) has added a file called health.xml, which can be found at http://servername:55000/health/health.xml. This file stores information about both your server and connected computers including storage and share details.


The Thomson TG585v7 Router with WHS

If you have the Thomson TG585v7 router then note that it has a problem with the setup of the Remote Access feature of WHS. It plays nice with the UPnP protocol and WHS reports as having the router setup successfully, but it turns out that there is a problem with the (name) not being  accessible, […]


Hierarchical Tag your WHS Photo Collection

Episode 231 of The Media Center Show Podcast has Brain Frost talking about how he tags his pics on Windows Home Server. Using a technique called hierarchical tagging to enable a better photo viewing experience when viewing his snaps from WHS on his Windows Media Center, Brain tells us the tools he uses as well […]


Share WHS with Samba Easily

If you stream from your Windows Home Server shared folders to any media player via smb (such at the Popcorn Hour or Myka) you can only mount 1 share at a time. Meaning you will have to create a separate smb share for each shared folder and you will only be able to access one […]


Unlimited Free Local and Long Distance Phone Calls from WHS

HomeServerLand have a tutorial on how to setup a magicJack on Windows Home Server. magicJack is a little USB device which allows you to make unlimited free local and long distance phone calls within the US and Canada, and allows you to choose your own phone number and provides call waiting, voice mail and caller […]


Team Foundation Server on WHS

If you would like to install Team Foundation Server (TFS) onto Windows Home Server you are in luck. TFS is a team collaboration server that provides work item tracking, source control, reporting, process guidance and more. Version 2010 Beta2 can be installed on WHS by using a remote desktop connection and website “Gaffer-Tape Engineering” takes […]