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Manage Additional Home Servers

If you need to control two or more Windows Home Server systems via the WHS Console application from the same client PC, then Home Server Land has the details on how to accomplish it. By setting WHS Console application connection shortcuts in Windows, there is no need to run Discovery.exe to swap between home servers. […]


Make Recorded TV Appear in Windows 7 Libraries

Windows 7 users have "Libraries" that exist on a per-user basis, but Public Libraries don’t appear in a user’s list and the Recorded TV Library is only visible in Windows Explorer after a user has configured a TV Tuner from within Windows Media Center. Although this behavior is ideal for networks where only a Windows […]


“The password is incorrect” Error Message in Windows 7

Windows Home Server enthusiast Tim Keller was continually told the server’s password he was entering was incorrect when installing the connector software on his Windows 7 PC, even though he know it was not. Eventually he found the solution, which was to change the LAN Manager authentication level to sending a NTLM response only. So […]


Turning a HP LX195 into a MediaSmart EX48X

We Got Served forum member Boostin4HP has got the HP MediaSmart Server 3.0 software working with his HP LX195. By using his purchased EX48x Recovery CD and the internet for downloading some missing drivers for various devices, Boostin4HP had a LX195 posing as a EX48x model. Although he does recommend upgrading the memory from stock […]


Time Machine with WHS – Version 3 Instructions

Jeremy Jones has posted version 3 of the his instructions to use Time Machine with Windows Home Server. If you have a Windows partition on your Mac then this latest version does not use an applescript so will work flawlessly, just by following the 10 steps required to get Time Machine working with WHS. You […]


DE Technology in Vail – A Guide from Diskeeper

Diskeeper being a Gold Partner with Microsoft are very happy that many of their suggestions and requests have been accommodated within the new Drive Extender (DE) technology in Vail. Diskeeper who produce a defrag solution for WHS users in the form of "Diskeeper 2010 Home Server Edition", have a great post on their blog explaining […]


Router Setup for Windows Home Server

Microsoft’s TechNet Wiki (which is currently in beta) has an article on how to setup your router for Windows Home Server. Directions are given for the following routers, but if yours isn’t listed they do have general directions to follow as well: Linksys BEFSR41 Netgear RP614 Sonicwall TZ170 Sonicwall TZ100 D-Link DIR-825 You can find […]


Remote Access Ports Blocked by ISP Video

With some ISPs blocking remote access ports, HomeServerLand has posted a further short video on your options available. [youtube=] From contacting your ISP for a request to unblock the necessary ports to using alternative ports to access your server. all your options are highlighted in this 1 minute video.


Vail SDK is Pure Awesome

Sam Wood from Tentacle Software has a list of 3 guides on using the Software Development Kit for Vail. The new SDK in Sam’s words is "pure awesome", and he provides his top 10 of awesomeness which includes: Core Add-Ins in Vail can be extended by adding your own tabs Core providers in Vail can […]


Off-Site WHS Backup Using Asus Webstorage

The How-To Geek return with another Windows Home Server article, with this one on backing up your Home Server off-site using the Asus Webstorage add-in. A comprehensive tutorial which covers all the details, which you can find here.