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How To Stream Content from WHS to a Playstation 3

Have you successfully been able to stream content from Windows Home Server to a Playstation 3? There are numerous suggestions available on the net to set this up, put some users can still face DNLA errors. Thankfully the persistence of HomeServerHeaven paid off, as they finally got it working correctly, which you can read about […]


Locating and Installing Network Drivers for WHS

With Windows Home Server not detecting certain NIC network drivers during the install process, Kelvyn Taylor has a post on how to locate the drivers for both Realtek and Intel. Kelvyn directs us to a generic Realtek driver and explains where to find and install the Intel driver onto a USB key. You can read […]


Securing the Free Subsonic Media Streamer

If you are using the free web-based media streamer Subsonic, the the guys at has a great guide on how to secure your off-network access to it. By using Tomcat with OpenSSL and having a DynDNS account, their guide explains how to get the free media streamer up and running securely.


Setup TwonkyServer 6 on WHS

A Product Manager for Twonky announced last week 9th June 2010) that starting with TwonkyServer version 6.0 there will no longer be a dedicated Windows Home Server build of the media streaming software. This was because the normal versions of TwonkyServer being much more stable and better performing due to them getting more testing and […]


Access Home Server from Ubuntu

Would you like to know how to access your files on your home server from a Ubuntu computer on your network? If so, then the How-To Geek is at your service, as they have a great guide that takes you through the process which you can find here.


Control the Power Usage of WHS have a great tutorial on how to control the power usage of your Windows Home Server rig by using the add-in Lights Out. “Lets face it, under most circumstances, you won’t need a home server on for 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Whether you’ve built your WHS setup from scratch or you’ve re-appropriated a used […]


Backup your Mac with Windows Home Server

Will Smith from has a guide on "How To Back Up Your Mac with Windows Home Server", which details how to get Windows Home Server working with OS X’s Time Machine Backup. You can catch it here.


Setting up WebDav on Home Server

"Setting up WebDav on Windows Home Server" is an article which is available at It’s always convenient have access to your files from on or off network. However, sometimes it’s also essential for other people to have access too, especially if you collaborate together. Services like Dropbox are great, but if you’re not willing […]


Build an MSI Installer Package for your Add-In for Free

Andreas M writes about Advanced Installer, a free application which allows you to build an MSI (Windows Installer) package for your Windows Home Server Add-In. Andreas takes us through the creation of the installer project, fine tuning it and building the package. You can read it here.


Manually Clearing Failed Backups

If you have a failed backup in Windows Home Server then Ashish Mohta explains how to manually clean it by using the Task Scheduler in Home Server when the space may be needed. You can read his post here.