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Vail in VMware Workstation

The How-To Geek tells us how to install Windows Home Server Vail on VMware Workstation. VMware is virtualization software which will enable you to test Vail if you haven’t got a spare box to test it on. The Geek’s post takes you fully through the process of getting the software up and running with minimal […]


How To Add System Restore to Home Server

If you remote desktop into Windows Home Server you may have noticed that there is no "System Restore" under Accessories/System Tools, which would be handy if it was available, especially after installing a dodgy add-in. To the rescue comes Tranquil PC, who have posted a .reg file and a .inf file which will both add […]


Installing Amahi Home Server on an Acer easyStore

Rawiri Blundell recently moved house and being a Linux admin decided to customize his Acer easyStore H340. And customize he did, not the hardware but the software, instead installing Amahi Home Server instead of the supplied Windows Home Server. So if you have an Acer easyStore H340 and fancy voiding the warranty (which we do […]


How To Run an Email Server on WHS

We told you earlier this week that Media Center MVP Pete Stagman would be hosting a meeting on "Running DeskNow! Mail and Collaboration Server on Windows Home Server". Now if you were not able to attend the meeting then it isn’t a problem as Pete has written a great guide on how to run the […]


No Spyware Protection Error Message

If you use Windows 7 with Windows Home Server then you may have noticed that the WHS system tray icon will go red and indicate "No spyware protection" for a brief moment every time you reboot your PC, even though spyware protection is installed. And this occurs every time the Windows 7 machine is rebooted, […]


HP X310 Easter Egg

The HP StorageWorks X310 has a hidden "Easter Egg" that allows you to change the order of the flashing drive LEDs. To enable it you need to: Launch the Home Server Console by double clicking on the tray icon. Hold down the Ctrl + Alt + Shift keys and click on the picture of the […]



At first glance I thought this was going be just another Live MESH sync program and not something that was going to effectively backup my WHS data, on reflection maybe I was a little harsh. The website is very informative quick and to the point idrive sync is a great tool for backing up your […]


Air Video on Windows Home Server

Air Video is an app for the iPhone and iPod touch which enables you to stream videos in almost any format to it. If the videos are not in a format supported by iPhone, Air Video will convert them on the fly, without the need for you to wait until the entire video is converted […]


DVBLink Walkthrough Presentation

Gary [WMA] recently done a DVBLink presentation and has since kindly uploaded the screen capture with annotations (no audio) which will walk you through the the DVBLink setup process. Its a great 46 minute presentation which you can either watch on Blip TV or download the 261MB WMV file. Information courtesy of


WHS as a VPN Server

If you would like to setup Windows Home Server to act as a VPN server, then we may have the guide for you courtesy of the "cw-kid". And why would you want this? Well as the guide states: If you are away from your home and you want full LAN access to your home network […]