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How To Add Advanced Format Drives to WHS

If you buy an advanced format drive for use in Windows Home Server you have to make sure to jumper it before adding it to the Home Server pool. Mike from PricklyTech encountered the problem after adding a Western Digital 2 TB Caviar Green SATA Hard Drive (WD20EARS) to WHS: I did not realize that […]


How to Test Vail Using VirtualBox

"How to Setup and Install Windows Home Server “Vail” Beta on VirtualBox" is another great tutorial from the guys at the website "How-To Geek". Oracle’s VirtualBox is free virtualization software which is a great way to test out Windows Home Server codename Vail. While we had no problem installing Vail on VirtualBox, but it didn’t […]


WHS Stored Pictures and Videos in Media Center – Changing the Default Folder

If you access your WHS stored Photos and Videos from Windows Media Center then you probably noticed that you have to go into the \\SERVER\Photos directory (for example) for your pictures to be displayed even if that’s your ONLY picture library. Thankfully Missing Remote has the solution (which I have already implemented) for your library […]


Access WHS on the iPhone or iPod Touch

Would you like to get basic access to Windows Home Server from either an iPhone or iPod Touch without installing any Apps? If so, then the How-To Geek shows you how to get it setup on your Home Server and how to access using Safari on the specific device. You can read their guide here.


How To Recover Data from a Failing Hard Drive

“All hard  drives will eventually fail. Some earlier than others” Patrick from ServeTheHome goes through how to recover data which is on a failing drive in your Windows Home Server system. “…I was able to get vital tax information and work information off of the drive easily by just copying directories.” Patrick takes us through […]


Integrate an iPad with WHS

Tech lover Chris Oldroyd explains how to uses AirVideo with his iPad and Windows Home Server. Chris describes AirVideo as the best application he has ever bought for the iPhone and iPad and describes how it helps integrate his iPad with his home entertainment setup. By installing the small server application directly on Windows Home […]


Install Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Beta on Windows Home Server “Vail”

Last week I went through how to install Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 on Windows Home Server v1, I mentioned that it was able to be installed on Windows Home Server “Vail” and unfortunately How-to Geek have beaten me to reviewing it on Vail. They give you full install instructions and have plenty of screenshots; they […]


How To Setup and Install Windows Home Server “Vail” in VMware Player

How-to geek have just posted a walk through of how to setup Windows Home Server “Vail” in VM Player, this will be great for those that haven’t got a spare machine but want to checkout the new features in Vail. They show you everything from downloading VM Player to fully adding connector software to your […]


Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 beta

Since its first release back in September 2009 Microsoft Security Essentials has given those who hadn’t got Anti-Virus or didn’t want to pay for Anti-Virus, the chance to protect themselves from the nasty’s of the internet, the program itself is quick to download, easy to install and very easy to use, it was never ground […]


The Vail Installation Process in Pictures

The How-To Geek website gives you a screenshot tour of the Windows Home Server Vail install process. They go through the actual installation process of the server and (of course) provide plenty of screenies to show you what the process looks like, which you can view here.