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Time Machine Script to Backup Mac to WHS2011

One of our readers here at has come up with a automated configuration script to allow a samba share to be used with Time Machine. So if you are backing up your Mac to WHS2011 using Time Machine, then instead of going through these 7 steps to get it up and running, you can […]


How To Remove The Mac Connector

TomOnTech explains how to remove your Mac from being connected to Windows Home Server 2011. Tom explains why you may want to do this: “If you’re like me and have multiple servers that all use the same type of connector software and are testing things out or just want to remove your Mac from being […]


Hard Drive Monitoring Gadget for WHS

A user on the forums monitors his Home Server by using the hard drive monitoring and analysis tool Hard Disk Sentinel with a Windows Desktop gadget. With this gadget it enables him to view information from HD Sentinel on his client PC. Its a little difficult to setup but luckily for us instructions are […]


WHS 2011 Online Experience Password Error

If you are not in the US and have been trying to access the online evaluation experience for WHS 2011 than you may have experienced problems trying to access it. The Evaluation Guide asks you to log into the user account screen and the Dashboard using the password "pass@word1", but upon doing so I got […]


Backup the Mac to WHS2011 with Time Machine

There are a combination of steps that need to be completed for you to backup Your Mac to WHS2011 using Time Machine. And if you are wondering what they are then Paul Carvajal has documented the 7 steps necessary to get this up and running, which you can find here – Thanks Paul!


EX495 User Upgrade Experience to WHS2011

Another EX495 user upgrades their MediaSmart Server to Windows Home Server 2011 article this time from Mike Garcen from Missing Remote. This one is not so much a how to guide but a look at the upgrade experience that Mike went through, which you can find here.


Offline Files with WHS

If you store your docs on Windows Home Server (and if you don’t then you should be) and you are away with your PC without Internet access then you will not be able to access those docs directly on your Windows 7 laptop – Or is there a way? Yes there is and its called […]


HP EX485/487 Memory Upgrade

If you would like to install another operating system on your ageing EX485/487 MediaSmart, then you will need to do some hardware upgrades. Fellow MVP and former HP employee Alex Kuretz has part 2 of his guide available which follows on from the CPU upgrade (in part 1) to the memory upgrade. Alex even recommends […]


How to Make a Wooden Hard Drive Enclosure

If you require anew hard drive enclosure to backup your Home Server, then instead of buying an enclosure how about building one out of wood? With some teak plank, ply, Perspex, wood glue, some tools and 6 hours of your time, you could make this: Very nice! If you are interested in making one yourself, […]


Connector Software not Installing for Logitech Webcam Owners?

Today after installing a fresh RTM copy of WHS 2011 I came to the part where I opened the web browser to http://server/connect and downloaded the connector software for Windows, but upon installing it the following error appeared: "Cannot connect the computer to the server because either another software installation is in progress, or, the […]