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Setting Up Network Users in WHS

How To Add Windows Home Server Network Users is another beginners guide by David McCabe which explains the process of adding users and the options open to you during its setup. A great back to basics tutorial which you can find here.


Installing Windows Live Mesh on WHS 2011

As a follow up to the article we linked to earlier today on a beginners guide to Windows Live Mesh the "Random Thoughts of a Techie" blog has a great tutorial on how to Install Windows Live Mesh as a Service on Windows Home Server 2011. By using the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit (yes […]


SSD System Drive on WHS 2011

For a good year and half now my EX490 has served me well as the only server in my household.  It takes care of all essentials activities such as media sharing and backup.  It’s the hub of my digital archives, the brain in the distributed backup solution and with VMware it’s my own little cloud.  […]


Mac Backup with a Homemade Time Capsule

Website makeuseof have an article on how to backup your Mac with a homemade Time Capsule. After losing some fairly important accounting files recently, I realised that my backup strategy is quite flawed. Although I take a weekly bootable backup of my Mac, that doesn’t really help when I deleted the file I want a […]


WSSX Add-In Package Project for Visual Studio 2010

Add-in Developer Sam Wood has put together a custom Visual Studio 2010 project type that allows you to manage your *.wssx build process: Adds support to Visual Studio 2010 for *.wssx cabinet files required to distribute Windows Server Solutions SDK Add-Ins for Windows Home Server 2011, Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, and Windows Storage […]


Developer: Build WSSX Files Automatically

The Windows Server Solutions SDK has some great new functionality for deploying add-In packages, but these new functions come with added complexity. For Add-In’s to support in-place upgrades there are a bunch of properties that need to be changed whenever a new version of your Add-In is built, forget one and the upgrade process is […]


Installing Drivers on the Intel Media Series Motherboard

The Intel Media Series motherboards which include Intel NICs are ideal for a Windows Home Server 2011 build but installing drivers can be a problem with these boards. Luckily for Intel Media Series owners, Andrew Van Til has written up the details on how to get these drivers installed especially for the the network interface […]


The Green Home Server

Fellow MVP Tim Barrett decided to give his Windows Home Server a green makeover. With WHS 2011 installed and a Kill A Watt meter at hand Tim was busy calculating his cost savings, which currently equate to $46.75 per year – not bad at all! Tim also explains in his post the conversion and math […]


WHS2011 Add-in Upgrades for Developers

Version 1 of the WHS extensibility framework had no upgrade capability for already-installed Add-Ins, meaning the end user had to uninstall the old version of an Add-In, and then install the new version. This could also lead to the situation where the user could have multiple instances of an Add-In installed. The Windows Server Solutions […]


Problems with an Unattended Install of WHS2011

Tom Tziegmann has a good tip for those of you performing an unattended install of Windows Home Server 2011. If you try to use the unattended install cfg.ini file again, the install will fail since the install process places some additional code into this file. Removing this code will enable the install process to continue. […]