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This Blog on FeedZa

After 5 months in progress web service FeedZa launched today. FeedZa is a public RSS feed reader where the community can vote on the blog posts they find most interesting. And of course being one of the best blogs on Windows Home Server, our content is available on the service for you to view. Check […]


Happy New Year was formed back in June when we started this site with our first post entitled Good Evening, Afternoon or Morning – Wherever you are. It’s been a great year and after numerous beta builds Windows Home Server was finally released to an eagerly waiting public in the later part of 2007. So what does […]


Welcome Back

Welcome back and I hope that all have all had a wonderful Christmas. Hopefully if you have been good girls and boys then Santa would have bought you a HP or Tranqual Home Server or some other wonderful gadget. If not don’t worry sit back, relax and enjoy some of the great stuff we have […]


Win a Copy of Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer Edition

We announced yesterday that Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer Edition had been released, and courtesy of Diskeeper we have a copy to give away to 5 lucky winners. The defrag tool, especially for Windows Home Server integrates into the console and defragments your computer in real-time with no drain on system resources, making your system run faster. […]


Which ISP's have Restrictions on using a Server at Home and/or are blocking ports?

With the latest information about ATT, Comcast and Time Warner using or about to use data filtering, we thought it would be a good idea to collect some data from you. In our forums we have opened a thread regarding which ISP’s have Restrictions on using a Server at Home and/or are blocking ports. The […]


Come and Blog with us – Apply Within

If you are a geek and obsessed with Home Server then we would like you to join our blogging team. We are looking for motivated people to join, writing skills are not essential BUT enthusiasm is. You would be writing reviews, how-to’s or just about anything, as long as the focus is on Windows […]


Forum Now Live

Well it’s taken a while but our MS Windows Home Server Forums are now open for business. Feel free to browse and have a look, but to post you will have to go through a quick registration process. For future reference the forums can be reached by clicking “Forum” at the top right of any […]


Windows Home Server Glossary

I have updated our WHS Jargon Explained page. There are now 35 Home Server related words and their definitions, so if you get stuck on any abbreviations or not sure what a certain word means then check it out. Oh and by the way, if you can think of any others that may be missing […]


Knowledge Base Update

The Knowledge base has been updated with article number 940883. Windows Media Center Extenders may be unable to access media files that are stored on a computer that is running Windows Home Server. You can read more on the Knowledge base.


Knowledge Base Page Added

We now have a page dedicated to the Knowledge Base articles from Microsoft relating to Windows Home Server. The latest update to be added is “How to manually select an Input Method Editor for a specific keyboard language in Windows Home Server Console on a Windows Home Server-based computer” (940885). This now brings the count […]