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CrashPlan Apps for iOS and Android

Many of you are using online backup provider CrashPlan to backup your Windows Home server data online and although not Home server specific, the company have just announced free apps for iOS and Android for CrashPlan+ or Pro subscribers. The apps allow you to access you’ve backed up data, allowing you to browse through your […]


DVBLink TVSource v4 Patch

DVBLink v4 has a patch for TVSource which fixes jerky TRL4 (HD) playback and some server stability issues. Full fix list: DVBLink server crashes in tvsource.dll or tvsource_info.dll when system has more than 8 tuners RTL4 (HD) jerky playback Weak TVSignal / dvblink server crash when one or more sources are playing TV and another […]


DVBLogic for Android, iPad, Boxee and WinPhone

DVBLogic have now released clients for its DVBLink products With clients available for Android, iPad, Boxee and WinPhone,  its a great way to watch your recordings and or live TV on the go or whilst using Boxee. More screenshots are available here.


DVBLink v4 Products RC1

DVBLink v4 products are now at Release Candidate status and now include DVBLnk Connect! Server. DVBLink Home Server is no longer available but its functionality is now included into DVBLink Connect! Server. What is new and fixed since beta2: General: Fixed: Teletext and subtitles in MediaCenter Fixed: Unstable (sometimes hanging) DVBLink configuration webpage Added: Authentication […]


The Best Apps for Windows Home Server

The How-To Geek has a roundup of the best Windows Home server apps. For streaming: AirVideo, VLC Shares, Plex Media Server and Subsonic are all taken a look at. For remote access, DD-WRT and the Tomato firmware. All this plus Perl with IIS, PHP with IIS, WordPress and MediaWiki. These are all great apps […]


TwonkyServer 6.0.36

Version 6.0.36 of the media server software, TwonkyServer has been made available for WHS users. Here are the release details: – This software update includes a new feature that allows you to wirelessly sync media from your mobile device to your computer. For more information about using this feature with our Twonky Mobile Android app, […]


DVBLink v4 Beta 2 Expiration Period Extended

For DVBLink v4 beta 2 the guys have released a patch to extend the expiration period for another 30 days until beta 3 comes out in a weeks time. The patches can be downloaded from the following links: DVBLink TVSource: … DVBLink Home Server: … Please read the patch installation instructions […]


DVBLink Version 4 Beta 2

Version 4 beta 2 of DVBLink has just been released. And for those of you wondering what has changes since beta 1 then here are the details: General 8 DVBLink tuners are now available in MediaCenter Removed FirstRun page from DVBLink tuner TV Setup in MediaCenter Fixed subnumbers not appearing in MediaCenter Fixed channels not […]


A Beginners Guide to Windows Live Mesh

Since Windows Live Mesh runs as a service on Windows Home Server 2011 its a piece of software which we have setup on our Homer Server’s and use a lot. So if you would like to know what Live Mesh can do for you then has a beginners guide which explains how to sync […]


Lights Management Driver For WHS2011 v1.0.5

Lights Management for Windows Home Server 2011 has just had an update. This driver re-enables the drive lights on the following home servers following an upgrade to Windows Home Server 2011: HP: EX48x, EX49x, X510, X310 Acer: H340 Also probably compatible and waiting for users to test: HP: X311, X312 This latest version includes the […]